Missing Token Error on Headless Server When Token Present

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Missing Token Error on Headless Server When Token Present

Post by besselfunction » Wed May 16, 2018 1:57 pm

Hi All,

I eventually resolved this, but I'm not satisfied with how it was done.

I'm hosting a headless 0.16.36 server on Google Compute Engine. I should also say that I'm a materials engineer, not a comp. sci. person, so the finer points of network engineering and UNIX are lost on me. I installed factorio via the dtandersen docker container, and managed to edit the server-settings.json file to my liking, with my username and secure token found in the appdata folder. I then launched the server successfully without a password in the password field of the .json file. I joined my server, and everything was fine. I then shut down the server, and tried to restart it, and got a missing token error. I tried several times to fix this, even going as far as starting a new instance to see if I could recreate my previous result. Still got a missing token error. I've checked the token against the original in the appdata file, and everything checks out. I was eventually able to resolve the issue by including my password in the server .json file.

Here's my main question/statement:
I thought the point of the token was to isolate your username from your password. If this is the case, why does my server no longer work with only a token? Again, I'm certain that the token is entered correctly, and that the docker container is pointing to the correct file, especially since the addition of my password fixed the issue. Am I misunderstanding the purpose of the token? Should the password field be commented out if you're using the token? As I said before, I was able to get my server working, but I feel like I should be able to do it "properly".

The only other documentation I've been able to find for this issue is from 0.14 and apparently an update fixed it.

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