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[1.0.0] Blueprint dialog scroll position not restored

Posted: Sat Nov 07, 2020 4:18 pm
by malventano
While searching for if this was previously reported, I came across this prior report of a similar behavior that was fixed, but it still appears to be an issue in 1.0.0.

When working with blueprints / blueprint books and there are enough present that the user must scroll down the list to get to the desired print, when the user returns to the list, it is scrolled back to the top and the user must then repeatedly scroll back to their prior position. This happens after these types of operations:
- Editing a blueprint
- Entering a blueprint book and then leaving it (e.g. navigating back in the tree).
- Editing a print within a book.

This also applies at any level of the tree. If you navigate into a large blueprint book, scroll down, edit one of those prints, then save, you end up scrolled back up to the top of that book. Then if you navigate back to the main list, you are back at the top of that one as well.