[1.1.5] Rocket silo power inconsistency

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[1.1.5] Rocket silo power inconsistency

Post by Merssedes »

Today I found out that different stages of rocket silo working affected differently by low-power state.
Basically silo stages can be summarized as follows:

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Stage                  | Required power | Affected by low power
idle (day)             |    8.3 kW      | no
idle (night)           |   50 kW        | no
Rocket part production |  250 kW        | yes
Silo gate opening      | 4 MW           | yes
Rocket rising          | 4 MW           | no
Rocket launch          | 4 MW           | no
Silo gate closing      | 4 MW           | yes
So, i've question about rocket rising and launch stages: why they require full silo power, but can progress in case of power outage?
Suggestion: affect rising by power and remove consumption for launch itself.

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Re: [1.1.5] Rocket silo power inconsistency

Post by NotRexButCaesar »

Why is the now-removed lamp power consumption not a minor issue (100109), but this much larger gameplay changing (when launching space science packs for fish it is impossible to insert more than ten because the rocket will launch without power) bug is considered a minor issue?
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