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[1.1.35] Z-Index of Inserter Arm

Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2021 5:29 pm
by Nightc0re
Hi Factorio Team,

I really enjoy playing in the woods, and creating factories near trees.
However, I noticed a funny rendering issue regarding the Z-Index of the Inserter Arm.

The Inserter Base is hidden by the trees, but the Inserter Arm, is always on top of the trees :)
Not a big issue, a workaround for me is to chop down the tree, so not a big deal. I just want to mention it ;)

Edit: After looking at the image, I also noticed this Z-Index issue with the Wooden Power Pole right above the trees :)
Inserter-Arm-Z-Index.PNG (1.08 MiB) Viewed 535 times
I really enjoy your game. Great work. Thanks to you and your team for your effort the last years.
I highly appreciate the work you put into this game! Being a loyal player since Release 0.12. You rock!

Best Regards

I've seen that you are looking for a C++ developer near Prague. I live in Austria, and have a Masters Degree in Game-Engineering and Simulation.
So applying to your team, may be a good opportunity into the gaming industry ;) Best Wishes to the Team in Prague from your "neighbor" in Austria :)