[16.30] crashes when waking from sleep

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[16.30] crashes when waking from sleep

Post by ethernal » Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:17 am

This will be a tricky one perhaps, every now and then Factorio crashes seemingly for no reason but only after it's woken up from sleep, sometimes it's when waking up very fast just after going to sleep, sometimes it's after few hours of sleep. Lately, it did not happen that often (maybe it was related to other crashes that got fixed), but it still happens.

I hope the logs and saves help.

Everytime where save it attached it's the save done just before the the crash ex. game saved, pc went to sleep, wake up with Factorio crashed.
0.16.30 wake up crash with save, mods not changed.
(23.72 MiB) Downloaded 9 times
Mods from 0.16.28 when crashes occurred
(24.68 MiB) Downloaded 8 times
Factorio 0.16.25-0.16.28 crashes when sleeping/hibernating
(20.77 MiB) Downloaded 8 times

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