[0.16.17] Game crashes on startup - Mac, Steam

Things that has been reported already before.
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[0.16.17] Game crashes on startup - Mac, Steam

Post by tuplex »

Game will not start, here is the log file contents:

Code: Select all

   0.000 2018-01-22 17:50:48; Factorio 0.16.17 (build 35127, mac, steam)
   0.000 Operating system: macOS 10.13.2
   0.000 Program arguments: "/Users/eric/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Factorio/factorio.app" 
   0.000 Error CrashHandler.cpp:419: Received SIGILL
Factorio crashed. Generating symbolized stacktrace, please wait ...
#0  0x00000001009ca012 in Logger::logStacktrace(StackTraceInfo*) (in factorio) (Logger.cpp:471)
#1  0x00000001009b8d6f in CrashHandler::writeStackTrace(CrashHandler::CrashReason) (in factorio) (CrashHandler.cpp:127)
#2  0x00000001009b8cf2 in CrashHandler::SignalHandler(int) (in factorio) (CrashHandler.cpp:421)
#3  0x00007fff7a78ef5a in 0x00007fff7a78ef5a
#4  0x0000000104117558 in 0x0000000104117558 (in factorio)
#5  0x00000001003b9f54 in Paths::logPaths() const (in factorio) (filesystem:0)
#6  0x00000001003b732b in GlobalContext::init(bool, bool, bool) (in factorio) (GlobalContext.cpp:393)
#7  0x0000000100720795 in MainLoop::run(std::experimental::filesystem::Path const&, std::experimental::filesystem::Path const&, bool, bool, std::__1::function<void ()>, std::experimental::filesystem::Path const&, MainLoop::HeavyMode) (in factorio) (MainLoop.cpp:251)
#8  0x0000000100716152 in _al_mangled_main (in factorio) (Main.cpp:1035)
#9  0x0000000100dc8ed7 in +[AllegroAppDelegate app_main:] (in factorio) (osx_app_delegate.m:230)
#10 0x00007fff54c77e48 in 0x00007fff54c77e48
#11 0x00007fff7a7986c1 in 0x00007fff7a7986c1
#12 0x00007fff7a79856d in 0x00007fff7a79856d
#13 0x00007fff7a797c5d in 0x00007fff7a797c5d
   1.962 Error Util.cpp:67: Unexpected error occurred. If you're running the latest version of the game you can help us solve the problem by posting the contents of the log file on the Factorio forums.
Please also include the save file(s), any mods you may be using, and any steps you know of to reproduce the crash.

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Re: [0.16.17] Game crashes on startup - Mac, Steam

Post by Zavian »

Looks like a duplicate of viewtopic.php?f=7&t=56929 .

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