[1.1.56] Inserters take fuel instead of burnt result in boilers

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[1.1.56] Inserters take fuel instead of burnt result in boilers

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When boiler-types are given a burnt result, the inserters will prioritize removing the fuel over the burnt result, and only remove the result when the fuel is empty. With stone furnaces, this is not the case, they correctly prioritize their outputs.
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As a side effect, this also leads to the burner inserters on the boilers starving as they do not prioritize their own fueling.

Two other notes, I'm not sure if these would be considered bugs:
- Burner inserters have no way to remove their burnt results, even electric inserters cannot and they don't seem to do it themselves like they do for fueling themselves
- When the boiler's burnt result inventory is full, it will happily keep burning and just delete any further burnt results. This does not happen in furnaces.

I have attached the mod and save required to show this behavior.
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