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Enemies and ammo

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 8:25 pm
by rorybecker
So I apparently started this game 80 hours ago.

I'm loving it. The Tech. The Tiers of Tech. The RPG etc.

Awesome stuff.

There's just one problem.

When I started I got a little scared and turned the bitters to peaceful.
I must have somehow missed the warnings about needing enemies turned on.
So I now find myself 80 hours in with everything up to and including Blue science, but with no way to easily proceed into Grey (military) science.

So I figured I'd prep some defences and then turn the bitters back on.

If this were vanilla, I'd create a a wall with a series of guns and a belt of ammo.

The trouble is that I don't understand the varieties of ammunition etc.#
It seems there are many types of enemy and many types of ammo.

In addition, there appears to be something of a shortage of sulfur which appears to be necessary to create gunpowder. Don't get me wrong I've got quite a bit leftover from mining coal, but it seams like when I run out of this sulfur, the only way to get more will be to mine way more coal than I actually need.

Let's ignore that problem for the moment though.

I'd really like to understand the ammo.

Is there a simple guide to the enemies and related ammo that someone can point me at?

Re: Enemies and ammo

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 5:33 pm
by BaggyK
You can make more sulfur from oil, via petroleum gas. Although you can very easily burn your way through all you oil if you are not careful.

Note this is all from a beginner with DyWorld.

For each element (Earth,Water, Chemical, etc) ammo type there are corresponding biter type that has resistance to it. So you will probably want at least two different elements loaded into your turrets.

I have found that a mix of basic turrets with chemical explosive ammo, and Sniper turrets with enhanced sniper ammo works quite nicely most of the time.