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Stack sizes

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 11:45 am
by andre2
I think that the stack sizes for some items are too high. Like for assemblers and some DyWorld specific structures.

Assemblers stack to 200.

While this helps with inventory size, it takes alot of recources in the early game. Inventory size is not much of an issue, as with the experience system, the inventory gets bigger by itself anyway.

But a single stack of stone assemblers, which waits in a chest to get put into an iron assembler production, ties down 1000x stone plate, 800x stone gear wheel and 400 simple control boards.
This is alot!
And this happens with other items also, like steam turbines.

While in Vanilla such items stack to 50, it is not as painful to have 50 of such items sitting in a chest.

A solutuion would be to use the circuit network cables to set up every inserter/chest combination. But really? I want to experienve the details of your mod. I dont want to do things that "feel" like work. I have done that a million times in Vanilla and other mods and never enjoyed it much there. And also DyWorld has so much more structures, which are created from each other.

Please consider to make stack sizes as 50 for thoose.