Friday Facts #195 - Poles re-design

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Re: Friday Facts #195 - Poles re-design

Post by Jap2.0 »

jdround wrote:Was just wondering whatever happened to the hi-res version of the poles?
They'll probably be in 0.17.
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Re: Friday Facts #195 - Poles re-design

Post by McDuff »

One thing about having 6 connectors - it would make additional circuit wires/colours easier to implement....


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Re: Friday Facts #195 - Poles re-design

Post by Ranakastrasz »

Warning, Serious Warning, Can't do that. Repair, Unplugged.
Needs Ammo*, Logistics Storage something*, ???, No Power, No Power???,
Roboport *something???, Robot* something???, ???, Needs liquid?, Needs Gas (Fuel)

??? means I have no idea what it means at a glance.
* Means that it relies on you recognizing ingame icons to know what it probably means.

Exclamation marks are universal, as are X, the power icon.
Gas stain and drop of liquid are pretty obvious as well.
Wrench, might imply maintenance. Actually, isn't that the, Robot needs repair kit? If so, that wasn't obvious either.
Plug implies it needs plugged in, pretty obvious.
Magazine for needs ammo. If you don't know the ingame icon, it may be non obvious. Maybe its a candy bar or a piano.... But by the time a turret needs ammo, you should have already used your gun's ammo so it is pretty straightforward.
@7, Took me a while to figure out. I think its a logistics chest. I think that one is where robots don't have anywhere to drop stuff.
Gear, I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what that is for.
Lightning bolt, means no power.
Lightning in a battery, also means no power, maybe, but I have no idea how that changes it.

Roboport with signal. No idea meaning of that. Its vague, but at least by the time you have one you already built a roboport, and it looks similar enough.
Robot icon. No idea what it is used for, and looks weird.
@13, I have no idea. Selection maybe? It has the brackets you see around selected items, but, I have nothing.

Drop of liquid. Never seen that before. Guessing it is no fuel for flamer turret.
No Fuel. Gas station icon, says go to gas station. If you own a car (At least in United states, no idea bout elsewhere) You will recognize it.

Some are intuitive, some are not, and some I still have no idea about.
As for the poles, look reasonable, but they are different and I hate them, but at least they aren't the color coded nightmare change of inserters (which we all got used to, but still pissed everyone off)
Big poles are 2x2, while mediums are only 1x1, and wooden look like they use wood, so no issues there.

Unlike inserters grumble grumble where the colors got shuffled around so that smart inserters became purple from green, while a new green became stack (because that wasn't confusing at all)
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