Friday Facts #180 - Map interaction

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Re: Friday Facts #180 - Map interaction

Post by Railsendo » Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:49 pm

Indeed, very nice changes ahead.
I would like to add a tiny idea to the bubble-based network view.
Before seeing this thread, I thought it would be cool if, while on the map and hovering over a network, the respective network would light up. As in: all the (for now) red lines would light up orange / yellow or another color but just while hovering over the respective network (or pretty close to it, I don't know, maybe a few pixels threshold with good disambiguation if two networks are directly adjacent). So one could quickly check if and which networks are connected. The bubbles would be cool for a larger / more comprehensive overview.
I would wish for this in addition to the clouds / bubbles as a toggle (Network bubbles yes/no, Network highlighting yes/no).
Also, the bubbles might be rendered below the other map graphics for improved visibility.


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Re: Friday Facts #180 - Map interaction

Post by Damaskox » Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:14 pm

I found it difficult to see the factory on the minimap with all the pollution blocking the view. Enabling/disabling pollution only is a nice addition.
I also approve the logistics area visualisation and the electric network visualisation.

I LOVE the custom tags coming in! What comes to the item icons, this will be very helpful in Multiplayer. The little I have played in other's games, I found it always hard to ask and ask and ask, where do they have different production across the map to go there to fetch some to myself to help building their factory. With icons over the factory, I don't need to write a question about the matter anymore (if they use the icons).
The text tags are valuable too.

Resource patch inspection is a lovely addition as well, but I think it could be behind a research. Maybe red-only, max red+green?

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