Friday Facts #156 - Massive Multiplayer

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Re: Friday Facts #156 - Massive Multiplayer

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CrushedIce wrote:
Nilaus wrote: Personally I am not so interested in the massive Multiplayer aspect. It feels very un-Factorio like somehow to have a horde running around stealing materials, redirecting belts and generally griefing. A few friends or a small team collaborating seems totally in tune with the idea. I hope you do not go overboard on focusing on the massive part. As interesting as it is on the short term, then I think this will be a totally different audience on the longer term than the current player base.
Exactly my thoughts when i read this FF. I hope they don't focus too much on this aspect. For me Factorio is a cooperative building game and not some sort of competitive game.

Nevertheless, kovarex did an amazing job at the multiplayer optimisation :)
As I _DO_ agree with you, a few selected people is probably better then lots of unselected ones, however:
Theese huge worlds give the devs some _GREAT_ insight into how the network-code can be improved and such, and therefor is a very important excersise.

Think of it sort of like Formula1, it is extreme, but the tech that eventually will trickle down to the normal consumer, giveing better cars...

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Re: Friday Facts #156 - Massive Multiplayer

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Strongly suggest a admin feature to enable restriction on player blueprint submission(s). (This just prevents trolling and flooding of the blueprint storage space)

Strongly suggest server side limits to a per player blueprint max (at least based on server settings), again prevents trolling and flooding of the blueprint storage space (globally used for players in said game)

Otherwise my prayers have been answered finally, a way to externally and internally import/export blueprints to other games.

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