Friday Facts #369 - To the moon

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Re: Friday Facts #369 - To the moon

Post by Twisted_Code »

FuryoftheStars wrote:
Sun Apr 03, 2022 2:58 pm
Kyralessa wrote:
Sun Apr 03, 2022 1:01 pm
jockeril wrote:
Sun Apr 03, 2022 12:48 pm
Toll wrote:
Fri Apr 01, 2022 5:20 pm
Also love that blueprint wallet string :mrgreen:
What's special about the wallet string :?:
Put it in a hex-to-UTF8 converter like this one:
Can you post the result (maybe in a spoiler)? Trying to do that from a phone is going to be more effort than it’s worth….
it just reads "April fools"
Danjen wrote:
Thu Apr 07, 2022 11:47 pm
You joke, but ever since learning more about higher finances, I thought it would really comfy to have a mod where the goal was to generate the most profit; you'd lease or buy chunks of the map, and could only build on those chunks. Then, you'd make money either by exporting raw materials (low amounts but easy), intermediates, or finished goods. There could also be production contracts and changing market prices so it's not like you could just export thousands of iron ore for a quick buck
that could be fun. Kind of makes me think of something between Factorio and Offworld Trading Company?
How to report bugs effectively (archived version)because everyone should know this.
The game's tech tree, a visual reference guide.

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Re: Friday Facts #369 - To the moon

Post by RynTyrell »

I was abit lost , but the Final link is just hilarious ! Super 1 April fools day ! XD

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Re: Friday Facts #369 - To the moon

Post by Tertius »

I'd like to see a new FFF, not primarily because of news about the expansion, but to see the April's fool FFF with its fake blockchain blah go away as most recent and current developer status for Factorio. The joke was good while it lasted. People who just heard of Factorio and casually visit the website and only read the headlines and not the discussion might believe it in the end.

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Re: Friday Facts #369 - To the moon

Post by lacika2000 »

I hope Wube is working on something great and wonderful and worth the wait, but I am getting more often into the difficult situation when trying to explain to others how wonderful is Factorio & the dev team and they check out your website that they find your last post about the game from April that is literally a joke... :? can we get some update on what keeps you busy nowadays?

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Re: Friday Facts #369 - To the moon

Post by Sander_Bouwhuis »

Wow, seriously! I was fooled by it until just past the half-way point.
Boy, was I steaming before that. This was a really good April's fools joke.

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