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Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 7:11 pm
by squiddog
I can't wait!

quick reply

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2020 8:13 am
by lilstrip
Oh you will have to lol. Things are getting really busy but I might do a collaboration with the mod maker of space exploration and we discussed about some insane ideas which have to do. It's so really good stuff but Earendel isn't fully sure if he wants to do that collaboration.

If he does accept I came up with a really cool story that would be a prequel but eh, even if he doesn't accept ill try to come up with a solution because its that good. Haven't worked on the map this week but as soon as things start calming down a bit there will be a lot of rework around the outside areas and the map borders will be drastically improved.

Already the map has a massive number of improvements but this will easily take years to polish during free times. DxP82 and KMack413 are seriously considering about joining the effort so if that also happens it will hopefully increase productivity but that remains to be seen, and that's coming from their own mouths lol

Good news is that performance is better now that the power grid has been cleaned up.

In the end the wait will be worth it. I spoke with Kovarex to see if the factorio team would be interested in making a DLC but they told me they already had their plans which isn't surprising. That does mean this project won't bring in any funds unless I work with patreon which I am considering. It wouldn't be anything crazy unless people are will to support this enough so that I can work on this more. Any money would actually be used to fund the business we are starting which we will make a website for it in the next few months so you can see what all this outside work has been about :)

That said if anyone reading this wants to actually help out feel free to contact me on discord. There is a huge amount of already planned stuff so keep that in mind in case you were thinking of completely shaping the future of this project. Joining would speed things up and would allow you to make some of your own stuff available to others and if I do make it a patreons only you will get a cut from it that is representative of the amount of work you put it... but good luck toping me with 1700+ hours clocked in lol

Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2020 7:35 pm
by TaylorItaly
How to find you on Discord ?

Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2020 6:01 am
by lilstrip
TaylorItaly wrote:
Fri Nov 06, 2020 7:35 pm
How to find you on Discord ?

Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 2:24 am
by CaptainSlide
Hi and thanks to all who are working on this project.

I have only just become aware of the new version of this project so sorry for being a late comer the conversation.

I downloaded a played this map after Xterminator spotlighted it about a year ago. I have to say I absolutely loved it. I spent about 200 hours just exploring and building my rocket. (mostly exploring). Finding a reactivating power grids and assemblers/defenses was great all the while having to keep the biters back. In fact I made it my goal to clear the map of biters (or at least the main city part of it) until I found out that some of the spawners were indestructible. In the end I walled them in with a ring of laser turrets and left them to it. Having a Spidertron would have made life much easier back then.

I really enjoyed the functioning train net work (can't imagine how many hours went into getting the signalling right) and even the discovery of some still functioning trains running around.

If not addressed already, my criticisms:
1. Indestructible biter bases. I would like to see eradication as a win condition, not compatible with that.
2. Space ship power plants. Like the idea but 500GW each is way OP. Eliminates power generation as a game mechanic. I think I found about 6 Terra Watts worth of them around the map. Perhaps 1GW each, gets you well started and then you have to start generating your own.

That's it for critisms.

Different Win conditions
-Eradication - kill all biters and bases world (map) wide - build a factory that will support the war effort. Maybe incorporate some mods like "Big Monsters", "Armored Trains" and modular turrets. To spice things up.
-Escape - Build planet based weapons to eradicate the fleet that has you trapped here. Start with say a thousand ships in space and each MIRV (another mod) tipped rocket you launch kills another one. So you need to build 1000+ rockets to win (good for the mega base builders here)
-Incorporate something like the "Reverse Factory" mod so we can recycle all those pesky cars. Would also consider something like the "Alien Loot" mod so the reverse factories have something more to chew on and make Eradicating the biters more worth while. The premise here is that the biters battled with the colonists for years and amassed quite a collection of human souvenirs which they drop on death.

I could go on but look forward to what you come up with. Thanks again for making the initial map.

Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 1:54 am
by lilstrip
Thanks for the input! The new version already fixes these issues and actually will be adding endgame goals so that is why this current version is very outdated at this point :)