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Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 7:11 pm
by squiddog
I can't wait!

quick reply

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2020 8:13 am
by lilstrip
Oh you will have to lol. Things are getting really busy but I might do a collaboration with the mod maker of space exploration and we discussed about some insane ideas which have to do. It's so really good stuff but Earendel isn't fully sure if he wants to do that collaboration.

If he does accept I came up with a really cool story that would be a prequel but eh, even if he doesn't accept ill try to come up with a solution because its that good. Haven't worked on the map this week but as soon as things start calming down a bit there will be a lot of rework around the outside areas and the map borders will be drastically improved.

Already the map has a massive number of improvements but this will easily take years to polish during free times. DxP82 and KMack413 are seriously considering about joining the effort so if that also happens it will hopefully increase productivity but that remains to be seen, and that's coming from their own mouths lol

Good news is that performance is better now that the power grid has been cleaned up.

In the end the wait will be worth it. I spoke with Kovarex to see if the factorio team would be interested in making a DLC but they told me they already had their plans which isn't surprising. That does mean this project won't bring in any funds unless I work with patreon which I am considering. It wouldn't be anything crazy unless people are will to support this enough so that I can work on this more. Any money would actually be used to fund the business we are starting which we will make a website for it in the next few months so you can see what all this outside work has been about :)

That said if anyone reading this wants to actually help out feel free to contact me on discord. There is a huge amount of already planned stuff so keep that in mind in case you were thinking of completely shaping the future of this project. Joining would speed things up and would allow you to make some of your own stuff available to others and if I do make it a patreons only you will get a cut from it that is representative of the amount of work you put it... but good luck toping me with 1700+ hours clocked in lol

Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2020 7:35 pm
by TaylorItaly
How to find you on Discord ?

Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2020 6:01 am
by lilstrip
TaylorItaly wrote:
Fri Nov 06, 2020 7:35 pm
How to find you on Discord ?

Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 2:24 am
by CaptainSlide
Hi and thanks to all who are working on this project.

I have only just become aware of the new version of this project so sorry for being a late comer the conversation.

I downloaded a played this map after Xterminator spotlighted it about a year ago. I have to say I absolutely loved it. I spent about 200 hours just exploring and building my rocket. (mostly exploring). Finding a reactivating power grids and assemblers/defenses was great all the while having to keep the biters back. In fact I made it my goal to clear the map of biters (or at least the main city part of it) until I found out that some of the spawners were indestructible. In the end I walled them in with a ring of laser turrets and left them to it. Having a Spidertron would have made life much easier back then.

I really enjoyed the functioning train net work (can't imagine how many hours went into getting the signalling right) and even the discovery of some still functioning trains running around.

If not addressed already, my criticisms:
1. Indestructible biter bases. I would like to see eradication as a win condition, not compatible with that.
2. Space ship power plants. Like the idea but 500GW each is way OP. Eliminates power generation as a game mechanic. I think I found about 6 Terra Watts worth of them around the map. Perhaps 1GW each, gets you well started and then you have to start generating your own.

That's it for critisms.

Different Win conditions
-Eradication - kill all biters and bases world (map) wide - build a factory that will support the war effort. Maybe incorporate some mods like "Big Monsters", "Armored Trains" and modular turrets. To spice things up.
-Escape - Build planet based weapons to eradicate the fleet that has you trapped here. Start with say a thousand ships in space and each MIRV (another mod) tipped rocket you launch kills another one. So you need to build 1000+ rockets to win (good for the mega base builders here)
-Incorporate something like the "Reverse Factory" mod so we can recycle all those pesky cars. Would also consider something like the "Alien Loot" mod so the reverse factories have something more to chew on and make Eradicating the biters more worth while. The premise here is that the biters battled with the colonists for years and amassed quite a collection of human souvenirs which they drop on death.

I could go on but look forward to what you come up with. Thanks again for making the initial map.

Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 1:54 am
by lilstrip
Thanks for the input! The new version already fixes these issues and actually will be adding endgame goals so that is why this current version is very outdated at this point :)

Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2020 11:55 pm
by cshotton
I'm trying to be patient and wait for the magic to happen, but as of the 1.1.5 beta release, this map/scenario no longer works and the anticipation of 2.0 is killing me. Any news?

Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2020 12:20 am
by AmericanPatriot
cshotton wrote:
Thu Dec 10, 2020 11:55 pm
I'm trying to be patient and wait for the magic to happen, but as of the 1.1.5 beta release, this map/scenario no longer works and the anticipation of 2.0 is killing me. Any news?
Will not likely be done soon

Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 5:46 pm
by lilstrip
gonna work on it during christmas but yeah, not soon. Not gonna pull a cyberpunk on you by giving you a release date lmao

Itll come out when ready but until the 23rd it is on the backburner completely. After that date there will be some progress but past the month of january its gonna be halted again.

Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Factory Goodies

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2020 8:59 pm
by lilstrip
With the shitty release of cyberpunk letting down on so much cut content and half baked shit makes me want to really double down on this map project and actually release it when it is fully finished with no cut content.

I won't let you guys down like CDPR hopefully

Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0) Patreon page

Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2021 4:23 pm
by lilstrip

made a patreon page if people want to help support this. Work has resumed and wont stop unless I get really busy. More money donated will allow me to upgrade my rig which should help me out massively when itll come to testing out ideas with world generation. Massive progress has been made and I will be posting concepts soonish as things become presentable :)

The patreon page won't be fleshed out like all the posts I made here so keep note of that. What I could do for those who donate is provide links to download the map early since it will take a long time before final release and I get the feeling some of you are really excited to do some urban exploration.

I have been working on some secret stuff up till now which will make 2.0 completely different than 1.0 in playstyle. I hope this new direction will please people as I can't wait to start showing stuff again!

Re: Nauvis Post Collapse 2.0 (Alpha) Patreon page

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 2:35 pm
by lilstrip
So things are moving along very smoothly and I have great news, turns out the map can run with less than 16GB of ram! I still am making a lot of effort to reduce the amount of decorations and entities down as much as possible but this means I am far from the playable limit I though I was for rigs less powerful than mine.

My PC isn't high end anymore motherboard, cpu and ram wise. I have a i-7 4770 (not k...) and my ram is not very great speed wise. Thankfully I was able to upgrade my hard drive to a 1tb SSD using the governement check for Covid so that is a huge plus but if I could upgrade my ram and CPU I could simulate the gameplay components of the map and optimize them much more quickly for full release. Another thing I would love to do for this project would be to make custom sprites and entities to make the ruins much more immersive. This could include collapsed buildings and huge abandoned factories as well as non-functionnal petrochem installations that are very large but wouldn't effect UPS as much as actually building infrastucture.

Another thing I plan on doing is actually including a story that you follow. This would have a formula that I would want to feel like a mix of fallout 1 & 2 mixed with neo scavenger and underrail. Since there won't be NPC's (as far as I am able to do atm) most of which revolve around the mod Space Exploration and the game Starsector. I don't want to add to much to this as this is set to be worked on during the Beta stage of development but that part of the project is subject to change.

Re: Nauvis Post Collapse 2.0 (Alpha) Things are moving along nicely, new images

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:10 am
by lilstrip
So I have been making massive additions to the map and I had concerns about ram usage being higher than 16gb. Fortunately, thanks to DxP82 I was able to test the map on a system with less ram and lower specs and for some reason factorio seems to be so well optimized that his system was only using 11Gb of ram while my computer sitting at 32Gb of available ram was using around 28Gb...

This means that working on the map will require more ram but playing the map normally wont require insane specs like I need to copy and paste huge chunks of land to help mold the terrain. I am starting to encounter issues with the paint bucket tool sadly due to the fact some areas are literally tens of kilometers in area. I am looking into getting 64Gb of ram or even 128Gb to basically completely get rid of that problem. Sadly this does mean I have to basically shell out around 1000$ so that random folks can eventually play this map on systems with only 16Gb.

The reason I need that much memory is that it is quite hard to figure out where the camera is on the map due to the lack of points of reference in view. Factorio basically prevents me from zooming out far enough for me to easily draw large areas so this hurdle makes it much harder to not use copying and pasting chunks to make rough drafts of final areas that will be way more optimized.

For this reason I am seriously considering making the final release a patreon's only. Working on this is getting quite expensive sadly and with the amount of time it takes to implement the features that honestly are 100% adding to the project means that this is almost a game of its own. This map might have a hard time running on current computer systems but it will age extremely well. I am already cheating some of the time playing on the map and all I can say is that I can't wait to finally upload this whole project and play through it in one go. It is getting so large that I am rediscovering some things I actually forgot I did at this point and this is a good sign for those who like to explore and discover new things. This time around I am to make exploration extremely rewarding and finding factories you can just turn back on when you discover them, or looting secret military installations for loot will be a thing. The final map will be balanced in a way that it gets progressively more mysterious and large in scope. Difficulty will also be defined by the presence of enemies, micro managing limited fuel to cross large distances and sparse ressources in certain areas. The general idea is that the easier it is to survive without bitter attacks in a given location, the less ressources can be found in said area.

This will all tie in to the story, which at this point I can't say its a bad one. I just hope that things keep going this well for this project and hopefully I can finish up enough work over the month to give you guys some sneak peak of the new areas and certain biomes which will be worked on heavily. The entire map will have soft bounderies except the beginner area. Essentially, if you want to use flying modes of transportation to get around the treacherous mountains I have been working on then you will have to make sure you have enough fuel...

So this map won't just be your average factorio playthrough. You will have a goal, or at least you character's existance had a purpose in mind, shit hit the fan and your job would have been to fix things around. With nobody around but you or your friends if you are lucky enough to wake up with buddies will have to find a way to get off the planet. If you haven't guessed it already, I am doing a collab with Earendel, and near the end portions of the map you will have a choice once you venture into space: will you make Nauvis your home, or will you try to find a way out...

I won't be giving more details than this for the time being but I hope this update makes some of you happy. I will make a proper announcement for space exploration when it will be the right time to do so as atm both me and Earendel are heavily invested in our different projects. We plan on trying to merge both projects near the end of this whole thing and make a proper story that could become the backstory of the Space Exploration mod. So far the idea we currently discussed is that this could also tie into the origin of why the gate network in the game Starsector was shut down. Until then the story is still vague so that if anything has to be cut we can easily replace it with our own stuff to not cause issues.

Hope it wasn't too hard to follow, I didn't plan to make this super well written as I didn't really plan to shove this much info into this update as I just did. I might post an update in a week or two but until then I will be working on the map.










I like to see stuff burn :)

little sneak peak. This is FAR from finished.

Re: Nauvis Post Collapse 2.0 (Alpha) End of the line

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 9:11 pm
by lilstrip
I have made a decision that might make some of less happy but I believe it is the right thing to do in order to keep this project healthy. That decision is to post updates on the patreon page I made from now on. At 5$ a month I will be posting images of new changes and more complete blog posts which will force me to be more structured and professional.

Posting on here has been very useful as I am able to see that many folks are still eyeballing this thread a year after this map was initially released. As most of you who read this will probably have noticed, I also changed the name of 1.0 to (Pre-Alpha) and demo. The reason for this change is because that version of the map isn't bad, but it is far from the quality I am now able to create.

I have many ideas and sub-projects within the map that won't be possible without some level of support from the community. I have invested a large amount of money to work on the first version and I am starting to realize that for the amount of work that went into it without asking anyone for money in exchange means that I won't be doing it a second time with how bad the economy is. 1.0 will remain active on mediafire but if the link dies I won't be reuploading it. If you experience issues running 1.0 on new version of the game I won't be giving more support from now on. 1.0 runs on factorio 1.0 so if it doesn't load on 1.1.X or greater I won't be updating that version.

Nauvis Post Collapse won't be a simple map, it will be a full fledge scenario. Depending on what is possible it might have various endings but for the time being what is being worked on is the massive terrain and map additions including entire reworks of certain areas that were completely pointless in 1.0.

These are just of few things amongst the huge amount of content being worked on. So if you want to have access to new updates from now on you will have to become a Patreon. I might post updates on here from time to time but they won't give out as much detail and will most likely be simple touch ups on very important milestones that have been reached in order to keep the ones who are broke beyond redemption still in the loop.

and if you want to help out making the map feel free to join the discord which will contain more and more info as more people join. But right now its only 3 of us in there :)

Re: Nauvis Post Collapse 2.0 (Alpha) Barebones Updates

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2021 9:51 pm
by lilstrip
I decided I would backtrack a bit on what I said I would do in the last couple of days and that was stopping any progress report on here. I think that this was a bit too drastic of a measure and have since decided it would be better to only make occasionnal updates which won't be too detailed.

So with that said I will give a bit of info on all the things that have unfolded over the week and to be honest it was quite a lot. This includes the team growing from only me to around 5 people total, that doesn't include Earendel since he will keep working solely on Space Exploration content.

The team now consists of me as project manager, 3 map makers and a friend of mine who will help over the next few months to create custom building and entities to really make the ruins stand out. This will include custom walls, sky scrapers and high rises and hopefully much more.

I have adjusted the price on Patreon to 5$ for the lowest pledge. Pledging now will save you 5$ if you decide to support now as the price will increase to 10$ or even 15$ depending on how many things we manage to accomplish. If you decide to pledge now in order to get the scenario for cheaper it is strongly advised that you join the discord server we created as you will be able to see live updates on how much work we are able to put into this and also be able to interact with us more directly.

As of right now we are looking for someone who can program so if you want to help us out and get the map for free you will have to put in hours like the rest of us.

With all of that said we got our patreon supporter Tristan Stanford. That said thankyou a lot for supporting this project and I hope we don't disappoint you :)

Re: Nauvis Post Collapse 2.0 (Alpha) Content Tease // Discord Server:

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:19 am
by lilstrip

early concepts of possible future stuff:



Re: Nauvis New Frontier (Nauvis Post Collapse Version 2.0 No response from the devs

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2021 1:00 pm
by TheCornishman
ciranhi wrote:
Thu Aug 27, 2020 3:57 am
Please tell me I'm not the only one who removed vehicles and filled cargo wagons with them as a way of delineating where I have been! Would be so cool to have a building to chuck them in and get parts back! ;)

... I came across Post Collapse thanks to a mention in FFF #308 and only stopped because it was taking so long to save the game -- and that was after setting autosaves to every 15 minutes! I'm seriously addicted to this map...
Me too, to all that! I used the Recycling Machines mod, and built a central recycling facility in the City to which big trains would bring hundreds of cars (and tanks, too) for scrappage :) Never had to mine any iron for a long time. What I really missed, though, is a way to have bots pick up the cars. I hate to think how many hours I must have spent just right-clicking on cars and loading them into wagons.

I didn't mind not being able to pick up things like the rocket silos or the artillery pieces, and think it should stay that way in 2.0, to be honest. I did struggle with the indestructible biter nests, until I worked out that I could have a brave construction bot go in and build a single tile of waterfill (mod) on the nest - indestructible, you say? Eat this! Similarly, I loved that the push-pull train which one found over toward the Western Wall was indestructible. Saved me a few times when I was exploring the rail network.

I also found Beautiful Bridges mod indispensable for repairing the broken segments of rail over water - I like bridges so much more than strips of landfill.

By the time that I too had uncovered the map all the way out to the edges, my save times were up around 40 minutes (I had only 8GB RAM back then) and I set autosave to once an hour, at most. At some point during exploration, when entity update times were too huge, I did remove the enemies from explored chunks with a console command; show me someone who never had to resort to /c in this scenario.

Looking forward to 2.0, it can't fail to be a hit.

Re: Nauvis Post Collapse 2.0 (Alpha) Content Tease // Discord Server:

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2021 10:41 pm
by lilstrip
the last member of the team who only had 16 GB of ram finally received his extra 16GB so now all of the team members have 32GB

Our plan with this new version is to basically make a 32GB version and a 16GB version but hopefully we will also be able to make a 8GB version of the map.

Essentially, the more ram you will have, the more features there will be on the map you will play with no cut biomes or stuff like that. Idealy though 16GB of ram will be the ideal minimum as 8GB is barely enough to even run windows 10 these days...

Re: Nauvis Post Collapse 2.0 (Alpha) Content Tease // Discord Server:

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2021 2:04 am
by lilstrip
Work is resuming on the map. Not much to say other than the fact that Whipplesnoodles, the one who made the walls is thinking of joining Wube, Earendel is now a developper and well, we are finally updating the project to 1.1.21.

Re: Nauvis Post Collapse 2.0 (Alpha) Couple Updates // Discord Server:

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2021 4:02 am
by lilstrip
Hello folks! Got some good news and some bad news.

Let's start with the bad ones since they are overshadowed by good ones. Firstly, we are trimming the map down so that it can run on computers with 16Gb of ram. Hopefully it can be done but the amount of features we wanted to include will have to be drastically reduced in order to make this release possible. So I guess this could be good news for those with 16gb of ram. This sadly means that most of the perks on patreon where you guys could have picked future features will have to go, I didn't have the time to do that yet so I am thankful about the fact no one paid for that yet and expected that sort of thing. It was a mistake and really, dealing with the backlash of that would have been a nightmare.

Other bad news is we wanted to create this really cool flying gunship with turrets shooting back and having combat such as this:

Would have been really cool but we can't afford a programmer to do all of that sadly. The only person I knew who could have done this can't as he is under contract so unfortunately we had to scale down the scope of features to make it realistic.

All of the news isn't bad though, in fact, I would say its in pretty good shape as I have now given over the project to Smokahontas. He doesn't have an active account on the forums but I will still be writing updates regarding the project. Work is resumed on the map and the current goal is to release the whole map with story and custom content by next year for around 7.50$

Custom sprites will be made but given how we plan on making this map run on rigs with around 8gb of Vram and 16gb of ram we will have to work really hard to make that possible given the fact we are working with Earendel and his Space Exploration mod.

TDLR; removed some tiers on patreon that were honestly ridiculous and the most expensive one is 25$. If you decide to support now at 5$ you will get the map for cheaper than if you wait but the choice is yours.

Really tired so there is a LOT I have missed, sadly nothing image worthy to show lately as most of the work has been organizing stuff and building up our game plan/strategy so that this project actually gets done realistically. Cutting loads of features will allow us to really focus in on what we do well and actually deliver something that runs well on most machines.

Edit: forgot to mention devs are in on the project so there is that going well for us :)