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Custom Tight Spot Campaign Challenge

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So 0.18 comes out, and while I'm waiting for Bob's mods and other mods to be updated to compatibility again, I decided to go back to the Tight Spot Campaign to get my spaghetti in. I had completed it before back in 0.14, so I knew what I was getting into, but with changes to oil and other recipes I wanted to experience it again. I played through the 5 levels on hard and completed them all in under a couple hours, but I didn't feel satisfied.

Level 5 stops at Blue/Chemical Science Packs, and I completed it on my first try with a minimalist setup (don't have it because I forgot to grab a blueprint). I had about 1 factory for each product/intermediate and only a handful of furnaces scattered around for a final score of ~50k extra points.

I felt that there should be more to Tight Spot, since the tech tree doesn't stop at Blue/Chemical Science Packs, so I dug around in the code and modified Level 5 to go to Yellow/Utility Science Packs instead (with the appropriate intermediates).
Custom Level
The level file is linked below for those interested to try it.
Unzip it, then place the level-05 folder in DriveLetter:\YourFactorioFolder\data\base\campaigns\tight-spot
Playing this requires completing Level 4.
This will overwrite the base game's level-05! Make a backup copy first! ... sp=sharing
My Solution
No planning here. Spaghetti all the way, for over 3 hours.
Completes with about 5336 extra points +- 4500 (1 output of 3 Yellow/Utility Science Packs) due to sulfuric acid/petroleum gas behavior.

Final Setup:


Final Score:
Things I've Noticed
  • This was a great exercise in spaghetti and problem-solving.
  • Factorio doesn't allow more than 5 levels in Tight Spot. If this folder is named "level-06" and all inside files changed, completing Level 5 kicks you back to the main menu without a chance to continue. It also doesn't allow for selection of Level 6 from the main menu, regardless of any completion status of Level 5.
  • I found no way to customize the map used in the scenario. I was originally going to do this with Purple/Production Science Packs, but the map has no stone to use.
  • More levels please! :D I know you devs are hard at work preparing for 1.0 and have a large focus on the actual campaign, but if this is a small amount of work or possibly a post-1.0 goal, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • Alternately, a custom level designer. Features would ideally include map design, production goals, and available materials to build with, similar to the way the config.lua file does it but in-game.
  • If you are interested in expanding the gameplay in Tight Spot, I suggest adding technologies. For example, the player could research Automation 3 for 10k coins to allow them to buy those from the market, or they could just work with Automation 1 factories but have 10k more. Inserter stack size was an issue in the Yellow/Utility Science scenario, so that is a possibility as well.
  • Another concept is land expansion. The player could purchase, say, a chunk (32x32) for 10k. It would have ore, trees, water, and walls, just like a regular part of Tight Spot, and would allow for more player decision-making and strategy as to whether the land is worth it.
Whether this is supported by devs, by mods, or by the players themselves, Tight Spot provides unique puzzle-solving, adding another dimension to Factorio gameplay. I fully support any expansion made to Tight Spot.

I will attempt to take the Level 5 map in the next couple days and make a satellite on in 15 minutes, just to see if it is doable. :D

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