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[0.17] scenario defence wave

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:31 am
by XaLpHa89
I like the scenario, but it gets boring quickly. Nothing needs to be researched anymore and the robots do the work for you. With a small smelting and an ammunition ring, the silo can be easily defended, if you then use the upgrades, then you can just overrun the biter.

It's easy to play on a headless server, but if the scenario is hosted on a home computer, the game gets extremely slow. I recommend when the game begins to jerk, to clear the corpse.

I hope that there is a better balance, that needs to be researched, you have an empty startup inventory and there is even a market.

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/silent-command for key, entity in pairs( game.player.surface.find_entities_filtered{ area = area, type = "corpse" } ) do entity.destroy() end
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