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production aliens

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I had this thought for a multiplayer map. I have not looked into modding yet but from the games I have seen I think this would be possible.

The core idea is to purchase aliens from producing different goods.

Could either be you get points for a certain material and can spend the points.
Or a certain amount of material will give you a type of alien.
could have certain resources fills artillery that can be manually fired but the artillery itself cannot be built.

Whatever you have will send every minute or something like that.
Battle Tetris if anyone remembers that comes to mind.

So it focuses on production and defense in a PvP style but not directly on player vs player.

With all the LUA changes I think this could be made as a scenario without any mods needed.

What do you think. I might make this as my chance to learn LUA unless someone goes for it, please do.

All suggestions welcome.

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