Black Market Challenge (0.16)

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Black Market Challenge (0.16)

Post by Hexxy » Tue Jun 05, 2018 5:18 am


Download is through this thread or here:!sBsQjbCS!2zc9puA6eWHf ... bNQxmnS8Ng

So this is normal Factorio with a strange twist. No ore types or oil types anywhere to be found.

So you just spawned in this new world of Factorio. You see two Black Market chest in front of you. One to sell resources, and one to buy. You can play however you want. Become an energy giant of the galaxy or global leader of solar panel production, or maybe just a simple guy trying to make a living on this hell of a planet. Question is, are you up to It?

Tips on how to start new game
Get you some of that good wood.
Sell that good wood.
Buy some iron ore.
Melt down the iron.
Sell for profit.

(Yes it may seem easy but try it. just do it already!)

How to install
Go to the Factorio scenario folder (Psssssst. Its in your main game directory)
Drop that son of a gun in there. Like this C:\Games\Factorio\scenarios\DropDownloadInHere
Make sure that awesome Black Market mod is installed. (Mod folder is either your %appdata%\Factorio\mods OR C:\Games\Factorio\mods
Load that puppy up
Play that scenario big boi

Hope you like that 5 minutes it took me to create and 2 minutes to post!
Black Market Challenge.rar
(2.83 MiB) Downloaded 132 times

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Re: Black Market Challenge (0.16)

Post by GuardianElm » Tue Nov 20, 2018 5:14 am

Interesting idea. Wonder if you can buy enough ore to make stuff before the prices increase enough to make it impossible to launch a rocket...

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Re: Black Market Challenge (0.16)

Post by Gaymer333 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 10:08 am

For anyone that could not find the "scenarios" folder. Look: .../Factorio/data/base/scenarios

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