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Crazy Island Seed for 0.16.36

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:50 pm
by iLL-DiSS
hey all ya island players and steampunk pirates out there! LISTEN UP! i got something for ya!

Welcome to crazy island :shock: :mrgreen: :o :roll: :twisted: :cry: :lol: a peaceful little place next to the big dangerous continent full of monsters and treasures

* enough ressources on starting island -> save rocket start
* smal expansion island(s) around
* crazy amount of biters to fight but if you do so there will wait tons of huge resource patches and nice defense spots for the HUGE and dangerous continent :)

my settings for the map:
if you want to adjust ressources be sure your starting island is okay. spawning enough ores was a bit tricky. Map Seed number 83798260 and the terrain settings should stay untouched.
also you can reactivate enemy settling again. i deactivated it for singleplayer.
basic settings
ressource settings
terrain settings
advanced settings
map preview and starter ressources:

"!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!"-section:
Screenshot - Ressources

Re: Crazy Island Seed for 0.16.36

Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 6:38 am
by Pothrekr
Could you post the terrain settings?