Tower Defense Scenario [beta]

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Tower Defense Scenario [beta]

Postby blueblue » Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:21 am

Factorio Tower Defense Scenario

This is factorio in a tower defense style scenario. I'm still working on it but it's playable and hopefully enjoyable. It was intended as a campaign level as you might find in other RTS games. As a result it is faster paced than sandbox mode and the factorio campaign levels and you will be entirely focused on building your defenses and holding off waves. The closest analogon is the wave defense scenario in vanilla, though this one has a few twists of its own. Biters will march on given paths straight to your rocket silo, you cannot build on the paths but you can build turrets and fire at them. Of course you'll also have to start mining resources to supply ammo and make more turrets. It will take about an hour or two depending on the difficulty level and wether you can live through it.

Can currently only be played in single player! The scenario is packaged as a mod. The scenario is almost entirely vanilla but it does include rocket turrets and as a side-effect of enabling the mod you can build those in the normal game too.


This is all you need to read before playing. If you do play, I'd appreciate if you come back and leave some remarks later.

The following summarizes where the scenario is in terms of development.

Development Status
This is an early version of the scenario that is playable but not entirely polished. Most features that I planned are implemented at this point. Balancing could definitely use work and there are still some bugs. Nevertheless I think it is enjoyable in its current state.

The next plan is making this playable as a soft-mod as well.

For the long term I hope I can make a second similar map in a sandbox-style setting, replacing the upgrade system with actual research and adjusting wave strength by evolution factor. Making this map has shown some of the issues that such a map would bring with it.

At this point I want feedback on pretty much everything in the scenario. What works, what needs rework, what needs to be scrapped? The following features are implemented (in no particular order)

Wave System
Upgrade System and available upgrades
Starting items and equipment
Terrain, resources, lane layout
In-game restart
Rocket Turret
Artillery Turret
System Sounds
Wave UI, Upgrade UI
Loot on map
Balancing of waves, towers, upgrades

The following are some less important issues, if you give feedback give the stuff above this more attention.

Details, Up for debate
The blueprint library is currently disabled, instead players get a few blueprints which they can set up in the game. I don't want anyone to blueprint the entire base like some do in the wave defense scenario. Is this too much of a restriction?

I had a lot more upgrades in the game at some point. Flame thrower and rocket upgrades turned out to be completely unnecessary. Similarly the high levels of gun turret upgrades are too strong. Another upgrade I had in the game was an instant-heal for the silo. The rocket silo has since become repairable by bots so I figured I'd remove it.

I need to figure out an actual name for this.

Download it at the mod portal.
You can find the source on github.

Finally, for this scenario I used factorio-stdlib and the rocket turret graphics from Predictabowl's Turrets Mod.

Enjoy playing!
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