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LiteralSandbox Scenario

Post by OldVamp »

I have made a Literal Sandbox Scenario for testing builds and tutorials.
It features
  • super rich resources
    factorio logo
    always day
    cheat mode
    all research
    all recipes (loaders, railgun)
Enemy spawn settings are still respected, except for starting area size, which is always 'really-big'
Preview Map
The files:

version 0.17.x
(111.87 KiB) Downloaded 41 times
version 0.15.x
(136.44 KiB) Downloaded 164 times
version 0.14.x
(136.62 KiB) Downloaded 176 times
Installation for steam version:
Unzip to C:\Users\[Your_Name_Here]\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\scenarios\LiteralSandbox

It SHOULD be compatible with mods with extra ores, but I have not tested it.

=====CHANGE LOG=====

17_69 - Updated for Version 0.17.69
- compatibility

15_1 - Updated for Version 0.15.1
- renamed flame-thrower to flamethrower
- fixed logo draw for new chunk spawn order (clockwise spiral)
- removed blueprints from starter items (made redundant by new blueprint system)

1_1 - Fixed saves breaking on new chunk generation because variables were not set to global
It may be working as intended, but
what was intended is not working.

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