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[1.1.77] Crash "Trying to make chunk at unreasonable position"

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2023 2:09 pm
by Shuja420
Hi guys,

i've been playing this game for a week now and i've kinda made it to the point where you have really big bases and lots of drones and blueprints and i haven't had any crashes/problems until yesterday... that's where i finished my daily session and today i wanted to continue and for some reason i cant load the save anymore and it gives me a crash.

Steps and whats happening:

1. I start the game -> Works
2. Press on continue -> Works
3. Getting the loading screen and the bar fills up to the end -> Works
4. Get stuck at the black loading screen with the full bar for like 10 seconds and then i get the crash --> Problem (as seen in image)


- The save that is not working is called "first playthrough going" and has a playtime of 72:56:46
- I also included an older save called "" that works and has a playtime 57:56:05, so i guess something between that time made it crash.

- Also im not using any mods and this save only got played on the latest patch

The log is showing some chunk placement errors and maybe thats because lately i changed some water tiles to ground and started building on them and the game got confused? but it worked ingame so idk

so yeah i hope you can help me because i dont want to lose 15 hours of gameplay and not experience the same bug again

thx and have a nice day

Re: [1.1.77] Crash "Trying to make chunk at unreasonable position"

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2023 9:52 am
by boskid
Thanks for the report. There is exactly one "iron-ore" resource entity that has a position which is corrupted: that entity reports as having a position MapPosition(-322.5, 4161536) while it is being loaded by a chunk at a ChunkPosition(-11, 1). The x coordinate is well within the limits (between -352 and -320 for chunk position with x=-11) but the y coordiate is clearly wrong as its not on the tile center and it is far beyond the map limits.

If you know steps how to reproduce such entity position corruption from a known good state i would like to know that but other than that there is not much i can do on the game side since this error is caused by a corrupted save file.