[1.1.30] Crash on saving (ItemStack::save)

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Burner Inserter
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[1.1.30] Crash on saving (ItemStack::save)

Post by hedgerc »

20,000 hours in and I thought I would report my first bug.

Game crashed on auto-save
(206.15 KiB) Downloaded 61 times

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Re: [1.1.30] Crash on saving (ItemStack::save)

Post by posila »

Thanks for the report.
It crashed when saving an item on a belt and I am gonna call it random bit flip due to RCX register having value 0x0001000000000000 instead of a valid memory address or all zeroes.

Code: Select all

570711.026 Error CrashHandler.cpp:492: Exception Code: c0000005, Address: 0x00007ff60ee3c65f
ModuleBase: 0x00007ff60e720000, ImageSize: 01d55000, RelativeAddress: 0071c65f
570711.026 Error CrashHandler.cpp:498: Access Violation: Read at address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
570711.027 Error CrashHandler.cpp:512: Exception Context:
rax=000001e80d417aa8, rbx=0000000b9effe9c0, rcx=0001000000000000,
rdx=0000000b9effe570, rsi=0000000b9effe9c0, rdi=000001e71f8ced28,
rip=00007ff60ee3c65f, rsp=0000000b9effe550, rbp=000001e87b8cc5d0,
 r8=0000000000000001,  r9=00007ff60e720000, r10=0000000b9effe570,
r11=000001e80d417aa8, r12=0000000b9effea60, r13=0000000000000000,
r14=0000000000000003, r15=00007ff60fc78030

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