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the way roboport receved bot are quite weird

Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2021 1:30 pm
by meifray
inspired by

I want to make logistic robot have more limit,but I just got distracted by ending up have this small experiment:

in logistic-robot prototype,there`re no reference what robot item it should be when roboport receved them,except minable,
but when I set minable result into nil or other item,the roboport are still working fine,that is quite weird.

so I created other two item with place result set to "logistic-robot",and all three can be place,but roboport consistantly receved as one that are higherest in item group order,regardless its name in alphabet order.

is it useful? actually yes,if we add a item call "uncharged-logistic-robot" as minable result,then we just make player unable to cheat their battery!