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LuaGuiElement frame with a close [X] button

Posted: Sat Jun 05, 2021 9:49 am
by DaveMcW
If you set the LuaGuiElement.caption property on a frame, it will create a title bar similar to the ingame one, but without a close button.

If you want to have a close button, you need to skip the caption and build your own title bar. I found a couple examples of how to do this, but they did not match the game. Here is my title bar code that creates an exact match to the ingame title bar.

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function add_titlebar(gui, caption, close_button_name)
  local titlebar = gui.add{type = "flow"}
  titlebar.drag_target = gui
    type = "label",
    style = "frame_title",
    caption = caption,
    ignored_by_interaction = true,
  local filler = titlebar.add{
    type = "empty-widget",
    style = "draggable_space",
    ignored_by_interaction = true,
  } = 24 = true
    type = "sprite-button",
    name = close_button_name,
    style = "frame_action_button",
    sprite = "utility/close_white",
    hovered_sprite = "utility/close_black",
    clicked_sprite = "utility/close_black",
    tooltip = {"gui.close-instruction"},
sample-gui.jpg (25.73 KiB) Viewed 217 times

And here is an example script that calls it. Note that you have to handle a click on the X button yourself.

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gui = game.player.gui.screen.add{type = "frame", name = "my-mod-gui", direction = "vertical"}
gui.auto_center = true
add_titlebar(gui, "Sample GUI", "my-mod-x-button")
gui.add{type = "label", caption = "Click the X button to close this gui."}
game.player.opened = gui
script.on_event(, function(event)
  if == "my-mod-x-button" then
script.on_event(, function(event)
  if event.element and event.element.valid and == "my-mod-gui" then

Re: LuaGuiElement frame with a close [X] button

Posted: Sat Jun 05, 2021 10:29 am
by eradicator
I build my title bars according to Raiguards Style Guide and they look very vanilla-like.