How to attach fliud boxes to pumpjacks and centrifgues ?

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How to attach fliud boxes to pumpjacks and centrifgues ?

Post by nosports » Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:21 pm


again i have a question how to do something …….

I want to make a or the centrifuge and the pumpjack to have fluid inputs….

I looked at some mods and the data, but could not make it work.
I tried it with copying the data and paste the fluid-things of the miner but I always get errors then :(

Could one guide me (or better) show me a centrifuge and a pumpjack which will have the intakes just like a assembler or the miner.

Purpose is for me to have a pumpjack which intakes a ‘boring-fluid’ to work, the centrifuge I want to have a acid intake for the nuclear-waste-reprocessing
And hopefully a better understanding for the fluidboxes, as momentarily the are mysteries to me (tune in Roy Orbison 8-) )

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Re: How to attach fliud boxes to pumpjacks and centrifgues ?

Post by DaveMcW » Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:32 pm

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data.raw["assembling-machine"]["centrifuge"].fluid_box = table.deepcopy(data.raw["assembling-machine"]["assembling-machine-2"].fluid_box)
data.raw["mining-drill"]["pumpjack"].input_fluid_box = table.deepcopy(data.raw["mining-drill"]["electric-mining-drill"].input_fluid_box)
Fluidboxes are very picky about the dimensions, this will only work if your entities have the same dimensions as assembling-machine-2 and electric-mining-drill.

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