Event.on_entity_damaged triggered by a land mine

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Event.on_entity_damaged triggered by a land mine

Post by XaLpHa89 »

I would like to show the damage when a player walks over a land mine. Only the Event.on_entity_damaged is not triggered. What can I do? Use of other mods not desired. Can you please change the animation, it's always very weird when you're stuck by a land mine.

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local function script_event_on_entity_damaged( event )
game.print( event.cause.name .. ' -- ' .. event.cause.type )
script.on_event( defines.events.on_entity_damaged, script_event_on_entity_damaged )
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https://lua-api.factorio.com/latest/eve ... ty_damaged

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Re: Event.on_entity_damaged triggered by a land mine

Post by Rseding91 »

I can't reproduce any issue: when I walk into a landmine it triggers the event as expected:
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