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feed the beast

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feed the beast

rework the production chains to produce just foods. chicken nuggets, tofu, potatoes ... what ever, there is room for thousands of reciepes.
while cooking in simple to complex buildings, you produce "smell" and no "pollution".
aliens do not come to attack you, they come to eat - so you have to provide enough kcal for them.
when you do not have enough to eat for them, they will attack and you can not fight them at all as you are a pacifist with zero weapons.

as your production grow, you can tech to advanced cooking reciepes and farming buildings e.g. herbs, salt, cowsheds ... endless list ...
and can produce more complex things like burgers, vegan miso soup ...

to reach more "clients" you can deliver food to little restaurants based directly into alien camps, so the aliens do not have to come to you at all. maybe you can even hire aliens that work at your mc donalds branches ^^ ( i always thought there just work aliens )

by feeding aliens, you "research" , and as better foods you provide, and as better aliens you feed, you progress the tech tree.

food also have a limited lifespan and can rotten - so its a good idea to have not just oil to heaten the potatoes - but also think about ice to cool down your products to make them be longer eatable.

im seeing this as a mixture of a farmville / cooking simulator / farming simulator - and you can go crazy with common or totaly abstract recipies - as its food for aliens - maybe they like coal-icecream or wana have a nice shredded-wood-cream ?

forgive me, if some of the mechanics are unrealistic to programm at all! hoping to inspire some modders with this. ping me back if you like some of the concepts and wana give it a try ! have a nice day all.

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