I need a mod that changes color of belts, any help?

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I need a mod that changes color of belts, any help?

Post by MasterW3 »

so i need a mod that lets me change the color of belts. :idea:

the worst thing is when a belt runs dry... :oops: and you have to go to the source, or end, looking for trace elements giving you a clue as to what it was hauling.

that way i can set up a blue belt for iron ore.
orange for copper.
brown for stone
full range of colors would be appreciated.. :D

aside from this.. :idea: a belt in the form of an indicator would be cool.
it is just a belt.. but it has a surface display that records what just went under it...
that way you come acroos the belt.. it is empty.. but run down it a bit to the indicator..
"OH .. that was iron on the left, and coal on the right.. i know what i need now.."

anyone seen anything like this? :geek:

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Re: I need a mod that changes color of belts, any help?

Post by mmmPI »

i don't know mods that would do what you ask.

However in multiplayer , i saw many people use constant combinators to indicate which items should go on which belts.

you can place one above an underground belt, and choose an item, it will hold the icon of this item, and if you come back to your savegame one week later, the little icon would help remember what you were planning.

maybe it can also do the trick for you, when you see an empty belt, you would know it is supposed to be filled by the material you can see the icon.

people even use ghost of combinators, when it's early in the game and it's not unlocked yet. The gost still holds the icon if you paste it from a blueprint, allowing other player to feed the belts with the appropriate item even 2 hours later when the person who pasted the blueprint has left the game.

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