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Trainline - a mod fantasy

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:29 am
by AlveKatt
A mod with a different end goal. Build a train line to a station on the other side of the map. Follow a ruined train track towards a besieged colony outpost.
A lot of new trains and carts
Including but not limited to:
Factory carts
Turret Defence carts
New and upgradable locomotives

Upgrade and expand your train as you move across the map, including add and upgrade locomotives as your train grows to keep it reasonably speedy.
Build adjacent tracks for delivery of raw material and, well, stuff, that you make in your starting factory and the supply factory and mining outposts you build along the way.
Build more adjacent tracks for "defence wall" trains to defend the train against the ever more prevalent biters.
Choose whether to fight through big biter communities or try to go around them.

The finished train line will supposed to be made of the special reinforced rail with the longer turn tracks mentioned in the Nuclear Steam engine description. This mod would include said steam engine.

Other new carts:
Rail-layer cart, put it at the front of your train to automate the rail laying. Can be set to automatically follow the ruined tracks that lead you. (If possible, have researchable upgrade for number of adjacent tracks that can be built automatically.)
Semaphore carts, acts as stations for your supply trains for easy transfer of cargo from delivery trains. Likely Only works on straights like ordinary stations, but can be upgraded to work while moving.
Inserter crane carts, while factory carts have built in inserters for transfer of goods from adjacent trains, Inserter crane carts can be put next to factory carts to speed up the process. Or be connected to the delivery trains. Can also be put between factory and cargo cars for easy transfer of goods stored on your factory train.

Other gameplay notes:
The ability to disconnect and connect nearby carts while standing between them is needed, as the current connect/disconnect of trains carts gives you no control to select where to connect/disconnect. Or is that why you can enter train carts? Need to test...
Crane carts should be able to reach carts next to them, behind and in front, and carts placed diagonally in front or behind.
Semaphore carts are short. About a third of a usual cart.
Factory and semaphore carts should not be limited to the main train to make it possible for more factory automation, to build out the train factory to the sides, so to speak.
Would likely need a special switch track that fits between the width of how close the factory train carts needs to be for cargo transfer. Or you would be forced to build silly bulbous switch yards behind your train every now and then.
Trains need to be able to go faster in reverse, or at least remove the silly thing where trains with two locomotives facing in opposite directions don't get the full power of both locomotives.

Re: Trainline - a mod fantasy

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:44 am
by AlveKatt
I don't think I ever posted the Nuclear steam engine mod fantasy in this forum, so here it is.

Nuclear steam engine.

It would be two parts, the first wagon being the nuclear reactor, with heat pipes going over their wagon connection to the heaters that are in the engine itself. It would be real heavy, so to go fast you would need special reinforced rail that has longer curves. It would also have the original wheels, but instead of two sections of wheels there would be three, with one in the middle, on both the reactor cart and the locomotive. And for extra fun, special speed up and slow down rail signals. It can use original rail, but it needs to be connected to the special rail, if you go fast on original rail the rail would take damage based on how fast you go. And if you go full speed on original rail after the last nuclear train speed research the rails just break and you get a nice nuclear explosion.