Biter Industries

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Biter Industries

Post by beerworm » Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:13 am

Biter Industries
Hello my friends, I'd like to propose an idea that's been floating around in my mind for a while - I've since fleshed it out and I'm keen to see what others think about it.

Biter Industries centers around giving biters additional roles which will change the way player(s) have to plan their factories and expansions. Failing to address these biter shenanigans will result in biters consuming loads of resources, and creating strongholds on resources which may make it difficult for a player to secure said resource location if left unaddressed. Biter resource strongholds start out initially weak, but get stronger overtime as the game progresses, biter evolution and their own technology increase.

General mechanics
  1. Biters will expand as normal, but will seek out resources which are covered in pollution
    1. This ensures resources which are far away will remain in safe states
    2. If biters are on a resource but there is no pollution, they will not create a Pollution Tower
  2. A Pollution Tower is the source of biter power and resource consumption
  3. The more biter structures around a Pollution Tower, the more resources it will consume - this may encourage player(s) to destroy it early
  4. Over time, biters will then begin building additional structures, these can include offensive and defensive units and/or buildings
  5. As bug evolution increases, so does their technology ability which allows them to build stronger biter structures
  6. Cutting off their access to pollution, or destroying their Pollution Tower would halt their progression at the specific resource
  7. The aggressiveness/difficulty levels of these mechanics are up to the player controlled through mod settings: easy, medium, hard, etc
  8. Biter resource consumption could work off a percentage of the overall richness of the resource, resources would get consumed at consistent rates regardless of resource richness settings
Biter Structures
  1. Alien turrets (can spit biters, acid, etc, poison clouds, slow clouds)
  2. Land mine defenses
  3. Quick spawner offensives
  4. Still thinking about additional structures, will add to this list with any ideas or suggestions
Misc: mods which could work well in-conjunction with Biter Industries
  1. Rampant
  2. Rampant arsenal
  3. Natural evolution enemies
  4. Bob's enemies
  5. Resource spawner overhaul

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Re: Biter Industries

Post by Veden » Sat Aug 17, 2019 3:51 am

I haven't tried it in 0.17, but you should be able to use unit spawners to spawn land mines and turrets instead of biters or spitters, so some of this is easier to attain in a UPS efficient way.

Or things like a unit spawner that spawns unit spawners that spawn units.

The mechanics you describe are all fairly doable. Lots of the basic versions of what you describe are already implemented in Rampant.

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Re: Biter Industries

Post by BlueTemplar » Sat Aug 17, 2019 8:29 am

I think that the Rampant mod author had something like that in mind at some point ?
(Maybe not directly related to pollution though...)

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