modular armor pockets extended

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modular armor pockets extended

Postby Thedrah » Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:57 pm

looking around for a semi balanced mod to expand inventory and i only see two mods so far. a 1x1 slot that increases inventory space by 2 items and one that'
s 2x2 for a toolbelt row. correct me if i'm wrong. it's just i don't like how backpacks or the portable chests work that much

i think a mod to expand inventory off of modular armor slots with a couple tiers would be a competitive option to simply having an initially larger inventory size and/or nerf/buff the base inventory given from modular armors

and would be incredibly interesting to have something for vehicles whereas... i think one of bobs mods, adds a 8x2 grid to most vehicles
is it possible to increase the amount of fuel slots for trains while increasing inventory slots in cargo? idk if liquid tanks could be increased
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