i need a MOD that allows multiple races to be selected, and randomly pick one for playthrough

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i need a MOD that allows multiple races to be selected, and randomly pick one for playthrough

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i need a MOD that picks one of, say 4 races, and implemnents them for a game.
during that playthrough, it only uses the race of enemies chosen for that playthrough.

1. regular biters.
2. some humanoid beasties.
3. some land squid fellers. throw some water dwellers in there, like crocs.
4. variety of life maybe some flyers... don't know.. just pick one ...cheetahs,, lions and tigers and wooly mammoths
5. etc.. more races.. for the people that want to try it all.. just download and pick one to use, or let the game decide which you are fighting today...

i think this will add to the playability of the game, give me some variety of things to deal with.
i like some of the ideas that people have come up with, but i want to be able to pick a series of monsters and "plug them in".
add a few races to the game...

i guess what i am getting at:
could it be that we can have multiple races installed to choose from, at random, for a playthrough?

i saw some good variety of creature mods that look pretty cool, need to do some research on them tho, see what i like to try.
but it would be nice, to download a bunch of creature mods, and let the game decide which ones i am fighting off this time!
surprise, you get the cougar attacks this playthrough ! with two headed mammoth attacks in the late game !
or you might get the lizard men .. and their fire breathing dragon daddy in late game...

so i guess that is it, i want multiple races to be plugged into the game.
if there is a MOD that do this, that would be great, tell me where to go.
thing is, i had a stroke, and it has affected me, i cant do things that other people take for granted, my typing is horrendous.

WHY do you think it increases the value of Factorio as a game?
variety, it is the spice of life, and i think it would be cool to try out, fighting off who knows what.. and imagine, if you use the space exploration mod, then you might be able to have different creatures on different planets !

is it even possible?

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