Version 1.1.37

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Version 1.1.37

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  • Fixed several issues related to latency state and quickbar.
  • Fixed underground belt related tips and tricks performing incorrectly. (99320)
  • Fixed forced autosave flag would persist into loading another map if the current map got terminated due to script error before performing the autosave. (99360)
  • Fixed a crash when loading some corrupt save files. (99382)
  • Fixed a crash when using specific mods. (99408)
  • Fixed that disabled mod depenencies would get re-downloaded when installing mods. (99343)
  • Fixed starting message dialog was darkened in the Sandbox scenario. (99287)
  • Fixed the missing dots icon on the tiny shortcut bar expand button.
  • Fixed that repeated clicking on the Snap to grid checkbox in the blueprint setup gui didn't work unless the mouse moved away and back. (99396)
  • Removed references to iron-axe and steel-axe from the PvP scenario config. (99308)
  • Fixed inserters filters would get cleared in some cases when building from blueprints. (99363)
  • Changed mining drill storage_slots to be automatic.
  • Added destroy_action to logistic and construction robot prototypes.
  • Inserters can now pull from the main output and burnt result inventory of an entity.
  • Added LuaControl::is_cursor_empty(). Returns if the cursor is empty, taking into account items, ghost cursor, and items from the blueprint library.
  • Added on_worker_robot_expired event. Called when a worker (construction or logistic) robot expires through a lack of energy.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at

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Re: Version 1.1.37

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Great! Thank you :D

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