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Re: Version 0.16.8

Post by malventano » Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:44 pm

logiccosmic wrote:In short; I consider this to hurt the gameplay experience. This is literally the only change that I've had a negative reaction too; frankly, I likely won't update to it until a mod fixes it.
There is a mod that fixes it (by adding Manifolds that allow distribution at the inlet / outlet of pumps). I've updated the mod for 0.16 (more than just a trivial version change), but mod portal uploads have been down since the 29th so nobody can update their mods currently.

*edit* I've attached Manifolds 0.3.0 for those who want to download sooner than the mod portal uploads can be fixed.

*edit 2* looks like it's back up. Mod is now updated on the main portal.
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Want to improve fluid flow between pumps / across longer distances? Try my Manifolds mod.

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Re: Version 0.16.8

Post by Mr. Tact » Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:13 pm

So much for sitting down to learn how to mod, someone already did it for me/us: Make Barrels Great Again
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Re: Version 0.16.8

Post by roman566 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:54 pm

You know, maybe instead nerfing the barrel, boost the pipes and fluid wagons? Pipes in their current form are, well, crap. Low output, super annoying to set up, takes tons of space. Honestly, pipes suck and the worst thing is that you are literally forcing players to use mechanic that they don't like. Factotio should be about choices how we automate our bases, and you are taking those choices away instead giving us new ones.

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Re: Version 0.16.8

Post by nthexwn » Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:19 am

The barrel nerf was unnecessary and excessive.

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Re: Version 0.16.8

Post by lottery248 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:23 am

disclaimer: i am still new in regard of forum, i have been playing the actual game for more than 1 month though. could be poor grammar and i still have yet to complete what i am stating. i am putting up my map if really needed.

i am not satisfied to the barrel amount decreasing, because this change is forcing the people using more material or more complicated method to store fluid, to go back for the traditional method or something avoiding.

in a nutshell, the aspect of barrel update is discriminating people such as me to use, i would rather wish to revert the change to barrel completely. no matter how realistic the update it makes as you guys believe, who do not use the barrel method or knowing it little, never knows what we are actually suffering, then praise this patch. you guys are isolating us.

i mean, i have been using the barrel as fluid transportation and which is full of advantages before the update. but now if i am on this version or later as stable version, i am gonna lose 80% of how many units of fluid i have; i have been playing the first ever map since 0.15, have been saving more than 22k barrels of crude oil.

the first reason why i am using that, is the space efficiency and its advantage of emptying/filling all the way. barrels guarantee that you won't have any traces of fluid when you empty them and can be used up all (you might often see traces in the storage tank after used up and unable to take them back without pump). for space efficiency. before this patch, you can literally store up to 4,8 full-tank equivalent fluid as barrels in a single steel chest and can be in different kind, now only 96% of the tank. if you use multiple storage tank instead, will need far more space, can only store one kind of fluid and not even portable.

for the stack size if you would wish to be realistic, storage tank needs more cubical space than a single barrel. how ironic that you can have a stack of 50 tanks but you can only get a maximum stack of 10 for barrel. even you cannot take a filled tank this voids the part of 'reality' if you guys have stated.

and if you use barrel to transfer fluids, you will need 1 steel plate per barrel and you will need energy for assembling machine to fill/pour. which requires far more materials than traditional storage tank for this advantage of space efficiency. which means to have a 2x2 of the chest array, storage tank equivalent space, you need 1952 = 480x4 + 8x4 steel plates considering you will have all the chest used for barrels. this complex method comparing to use the storage tank, with the 50 unit per barrel is penalising the player using that, such as the central fluid processing, will send/receive numbers of fluid kind at once, but would not be stable when using pipe as the speed/volume of pipe.

like what Xterminator said, this update is leaving matters of transferring flying robots, you will now need 5 times more robots to send the same amount of fluid. do not even just think of the use of solar panel will make it alright, they costs major amount of space too. the advantages used to be, were used by few such as some of us as i have mentioned.

and the fluid processing method is downgrading.

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