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Post by Martinowitsch » Sat May 27, 2017 10:03 pm

AcolyteOfRocket wrote:
Martinowitsch wrote: Or you expand your territory, move your defences outside of your pollution. Then they will only attack to try expanding there bases.

Have to do this with my map also, every few minutes there are biter attacks and i have to run from one end to another to expand my defences. Without robos this is very heavy work :( Luckily i have allready developed an expanded railway network.
My next steps have to be build robos and laser defences.
Thats a good point, I do have a wall that is relatively quiet because there is no development near it - of course I was planning to put some stuff there....

But the idea of needing a larger perimeter for a given size of base strikes me as a step backward for the game - combat is not factorio's strong suit and making us do more of it to secure territory is a bit of a let down. Its not that I don't have the bullets, bots and bombs, I do have lots of them. But its boring and cannot be automated.

This is why in other threads I have been pushing for automated artillery. But with 0.15 making oil cheap and plentiful I can't see the devs giving us guns that only need oil products and a bit of steel as ammo and letting us use it to shell out to max radar range :(

EDIT: for some reason the attacks from the polluted areas have died down - they still happen, but not at the crazy rate that happened earlier - looks like there was some mechanism wound up and now that it has released the attacks build up more slowly (relatively, I still need a solid wall of lasers to stop them).
With Robots this would be easy going, build an Blueprint with an Roboport, an section of Wall and the needed Weapons .. viola, you can blueprint your defences and the Robots will build it. Also this would make it easy for repairs later, the Robos allready will reach the Attackgrounds and can repair any damage.

My actual map i was going slow with building, as i'm developing new production chains for science packs, also the nearest oil field is an big distanz away, so i first build an big railway system.

I'm trying to expand my territory until i reach natural choke points (Water) where i need fewer defence towers, then i will build there an railway station and enough roboports so it can be automated. Only minimal time needed to set up and then forget it.

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