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Crash when loading Autosave

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 2:36 am
by burninghey
My game crashed while building a radar in the exact moment autosave hit. This is the first crash I ever encountered in Factorio. Until now, Factorio itself was rock stable, but there is a little problem with steam I'm running into when computer runs for days. Sometimes, when trying to open factorio via steam, it does not work as it should be, shows Steam-Factorio Updating.... Window without doing anything. Then it's best to end steam process via task manager before running Factorio again. Seems to happen only when Factorio did run before without computer reset. This time again, I don't know if it matters or not.

Back to the crash. So game freezed. Did alt-tab into windows, killed factorio process. Started Factorio again. Same problem above. Killed factorio again, steam too. Started Factorio another time. Loaded the autosave (attached below). Crashed instantly after load. Older autosave works flawlessly.

Some mods, nothing really special. Lots of enemies around, because Rampant mod + abused Water fill for invincible wall. In my 10x research expensive game they wiped the floor with me before. Factorio 0.16.51 from Steam, Windows 7 64bit, 16gb ram, i5-6500, Vega 56, Factorio+Steam at system ssd.

- Crash while building + autosave
- loading this autosave ( crashes again immediatly
- strange behaviour with steam when factorio was run before

Uploading savefiles somewhere else, maybe too big? 46mb. Download them here:!AkTNbE8Yl30ZgT9jV4d9JvfphEH8
InstantCrash crashes right after game start with rampant enabled from 10min before works

Shitty Internet long upload time gave me some time for further testing. Without mods loading fine. With Rampant instant crash. Seems it's this mod which is causing the crash:

Will head over there and let him know too.

Re: Crash when loading Autosave

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:42 am
by TruePikachu
Well that's disappointing, no crash was actually logged.

As for Steam, is Cloud Sync enabled or disabled? For now at least, I'd recommend disabling it, since it could be contributing to both Steam taking a while to start the game and potential save corruption if it is interrupted.

Re: Crash when loading Autosave

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:18 am
by Rseding91
When I load the "instant crash" save file with the mod you linked it seems to work fine? Can you still reproduce it on your end?