Choosing a personal logistic item event

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Choosing a personal logistic item event

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Howdy. I was trying to write a mod that defaults the personal logistics to a factor of the stack size. The current behavior is to default the min/max to stack-size/infinity, respectively. My idea is to have a setting that instead of filling in those defaults, it would fill in the defaults scaled by the player's setting. For instance, I might set the lower factor to 0.8 so it doesn't quite give me a full stack to account for the robots' carry size slop.

It appears, however, there are no events tied to those elements. I setup a generic handler so I could see what events were being fired:

Code: Select all

for k, v in pairs ( do
    script.on_event (v, function (event)
        if v > 0 then
            print (k)
If I open the inventory, click on "Logistics" tab, click on a personal logistic slot, select an item, place an item, adjust the sliders, modify the text boxes, accept the changes, and close the inventory, I only get two events--on_gui_opened and on_gui_closed for the main inventory.

The point at which I want control is after the user picks the item and places it the item slot w/ the two-way slider so I can override the min/max. If there's another way to accomplish this instead of requiring new event(s), I'm ears all the way down.

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