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localised_description for turret-attack technology modifier (if not more)

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2023 2:44 am
by Honktown
What I expected: to be able to set a localised_description or 'effect_description' on modifier effects. Particularly turret-attack.

Why: I can dynamically make a new turret in data, but there is no way to add a correct localised_string for the description. They are fixed to {"modifier-description."..effect.turret_id.."-attack-bonus", effect.modifier} , so to speak.

Ammo types have a similarly fixed pattern, though, they are arguably more predictable.

Thinking, it sounds silly, but a work-around would be to encode the effect in a nothing's effect description, and use icons to pretend it's a damage effect... and then use research events to actually apply the effect. Maybe.