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Taking inspiration from modding API & concepts

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:09 pm
by sherlockholmes221b
I am currently working on a game. I'd like the game to have full mod support, very similar to Factorio. I've been scrolling through Factorio API documentation and I am honestly amazed by how everything there is well planned and thought. I want to make my mod system inspired by Factorio. Not the same code, of course - I don't have access to it anyway - but the same concepts and most likely some names. The full API and idea would look very much like the Factorio one. However, I am a little worried if it would generate problems with copyright. Am I allowed to do this? Mods' opinion is very appreciated here.

Re: Taking inspiration from modding API & concepts

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 2:56 pm
by blazespinnaker
There's nothing that original about Factorio's approach that I'm aware of. It's all fairly standard across the industry. Lua is commonly used. The design of apis themselves could even perhaps use a bit more structure. Mod portals are common and so are integrating mod library selection into the client. Really, not just in games, but across all software for at least a decade now if not much longer.

That said, their implementation details is fairly well done, when looking across all the parts to it, above par for sure. Duplicating that will require hiring a team of very talented engineers with experience in this area. If you are asking this question here, I wouldn't be concerned about coming close to it to the point where it looks plaigarized.

In fact, I suspect the full integrated modding solution (portal, in game mod control, api, bug fixing) is the result of a several people years worth of work. It also is possible they purchased a framework for this from a 3rd party vendor for all of it or for parts. You'd have to ask them. Behooves you to do your research in this area before starting.