changelog order (in-game)

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changelog order (in-game)

Post by Honktown »

In-game my changelog is sorted in reverse version order (ascending). The mod portal just shows the text as-is without parsing, presumably, but I can't understand why the game "reverse" orders things. I'm using the third... number in the version: 0.0.XX. Does it work with 0.XX versions?

The in-game log also changes the order of the headings in the changelog to alphabetical (I prefer to order my changelog by what was most relevant that version). Any way to stop it from doing that?

Edit: I forgot the site and maybe in-game use a markdown. I saw a tutorial on changelogging but I stuck to the basic " -" or " " line start, and shortening my lines so things are more readable.
I have mods! I guess!

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