Alien Biomes "problem"

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Alien Biomes "problem"

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Hey there

I just stumbled upon Alien Biomes mod and downloaded it right away. Tough i have a little problem.
After i regenerated the tiles of my current map, no more biters/ores spawn anymore.
I double checked with "/c game.forces.player.chart(game.player.surface, {{x = -2000, y = -2000}, {x = 2000, y = 2000}})" and also using the "old" save without regenerating the map where everything still works and biters/ores are still spawned.
Did i do something wrong or is this a known error and i didnt read about it.
And yes i read the note saying to better start a new map.
i just wanted to check that i didnt miss anything stupid (Stupid me ;) )

Thanks for the help in advance!

Have a nice day.

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