[0.17.43] round down floats <1.0 leads to undesired behaviors

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[0.17.43] round down floats <1.0 leads to undesired behaviors

Post by Cobaltur »

reading fluids from entities like tanks and trains will be rounded down.
in case of values lower than 1 no signal will be transported.
Therefore decions like "<1" or "!=0" are correct at the the target

Even though programatically everthing seems fine, personally the overall case is incorrect.

Maybe you can think about rounding up values before sending them to the network. But I guess you took this consideration already because this would be to obvious :D

2 samples:
  • checking for undesired fuilds in the network: in the tank is a minimal amount of a certain fluid.
    • Expectation:An alert should be raised.
    • Actual: nothing happens. (Even worse the tank cannot be used for any other liquid)
  • unloading train:
    • Expectation: A pump should unload the fluid until anything is in.
    • Actual: it's not working it the train arrives with a real small amount (a workaround skipping logistics and use train condition:empty train is not suitable within the "logsitic train mod" and reusing a single train for different purposes)
low_fuilds.jpg (585.41 KiB) Viewed 325 times
as you can see the poles already indicates there are no signals in case of <1 and in case of 2.6 only 2 is shown
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Re: [0.17.43] round down floats <1.0 leads to undesired behaviors

Post by Bilka »

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