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[0.17.23] Blueprints with buildings on landfill can't be placed on water

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 8:54 pm
by uber5001
Expected: Blueprints with buildings on top of landfill should be able to be successfully placed on water.
Actual: Blueprints with buildings on top of landfill cannot be placed on water. Normal placement fails. Shift+Clicking will only place the landfill:
GhostOnGhostLandfill.gif (522.25 KiB) Viewed 503 times

Suggestion: Just do away with blueprinting landfill, and allow for automatic placement of landfill under buildings in ANY blueprint upon shift+clicking. Effectively, "remove" water the same way you remove cliffs, rocks, or trees.

Practically, I want this to be fixed so that I can plop down a 1GW+ solar array without having to manually landfill, and without having to do a bunch of landfill blueprints separately. Placing down a giant solar array over an area partially covered by water in a fire-and-forget manner would be heavenly. There's a 2.5GW factory that's disconnected right now since we're have trouble with water in between our solar arrays.

Also, practically, if this were fixed, you could put a nuclear reactor (one with inline water pumps) down on a lake, all with one blueprint.

Re: [0.17.23] Blueprints with buildings on landfill can't be placed on water

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 9:43 pm
by Hadramal
You always have to place the landfill first before you can build something, so I'd guess it's per design shift-click places landfill and then you can place the blueprint on that spot after your bots have placed the landfill (or you've manually filled in the ghost).

I've made a mod for placing landfill in blueprints you may be interested in: - it works great for nuclear plants. As it only places landfill where needed it's easy to come back and place the actual entities upon where the landfill is. Here's a small gif showing how it works with a rail blueprint: but the same principle works fine with nuclear plants as well.

When placing very very large prints where you rely on roboports in the print to finish the landfill process you can always work in stages - shift-click adds landfill ghosts everywhere, wait a while to allow landfill to be placed, another click places entity ghosts where landfill has been built thus putting down roboports expanding coverage and so on.

Re: [0.17.23] Blueprints with buildings on landfill can't be placed on water

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:00 pm
by TheBloke
Yeah while I'd love for this to be a bug that gets fixed, it's been like this since 0.17.0 first introduced blueprintable landfill and I've always assumed it's how it's expected to work for now.

I posted a suggestion that asked for ghosts to be able to exist on water when a landfill ghost is also present, such that we could place a BP containing entities-on-landfill and the entity ghosts would be placed at the same time as the landfill ghosts enabling the entities to be built automatically after the landfill. Ideally also allowing tile ghosts (eg concrete) to be able to exist on landfill, which can't currently happen.

In the meantime I've been using Hadramal's mod to automatically place landfill under every entity in a blueprint, and then I place the BP twice: first time to place only landfill, wait for that to be built, then place the BP a second time to get the entities and tiles built on top.

Re: [0.17.23] Blueprints with buildings on landfill can't be placed on water

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:27 am
by Stevepunk
Bump. This is so annoying. What's the point of landfill in blueprints if you can't place them on water?

I'm playing on an island map and need to drive around placing large sections of rails on water.