The case for more Scenario Development

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The case for more Scenario Development

Post by Dark_star »

Traditionally Factorio is 80% for builders, 20% split between fighters and explorers.
I am not into factorio mega base building (gasp) but do enjoy solving factory problems,
also like exploring and over coming pesky bitters.
I had stop playing, no interesting scenarios. But watched Xterminator do the "space exploration” very interesting,
but still Megabase in space.

Then he did a review of Factorio Nauvis Post Collapse, Oh boy fire up the PC this is my type of factorio game.
This scenario is about 40% warrior, 35% explorer and 25 % builder. The factory is there to support the freeing of the planet and exploring.

Nauvis Post Collapse creator should be commended. I believe over 800 hours were put into this “life project”

Even unfinished. It still provides a rich challenge.

The use of a great scenarios like " Nauvis Post Collapse" demonstrates how factorio can be refreshed into a new future.
and attracted more players

Factorio needs more scenarios like this.

NOTE: (spoiler alert)
some problems and suggested changes after only 170 hours.
1. Indestructible bitter bases and worms is not a technical issue but a design problem.
If one is designing a conflict scenario then having an indestructible enemy defeats the design goal.
or to put it simply ; why play it.
Maybe make them 3x hp. creator suggested using editor and uncheck indestructible, done.
2.Also having several Compilatrons with 1million hp each is same as an indestructible enemy.
Maybe counter sub plot, a AI scout (Compilatron with 1000HP) random drop with each rocket launch.
currently use editor and delete them (sad but true) .
3. There still unfinished map sections(black), no problem just concrete them over.
4. Can not pick up concrete under wall sections when using Deconstruction planner have do it manually click click click -….

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Re: The case for more Scenario Development

Post by lilstrip »

eh, reason I did this map was to try multiple things and one of them was to indeed make an exploration/combat map.

Thing is the devs don't want to go down that road with procedural generation, like procedurally generated abandoned cities or roadways. If you want to add stuff to the map I made to make it better theres plenty of room for you to work with and them map was also designed with the goal of eventually making it easy for people to make better versions of it :)

Sometimes you gotta make things yourself even if it means sacrificing productivity over fun.


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