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tutorial feedback

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I recently introduced a friend to Factorio, and I watched her play the tutorial. I wanted to report somewhere what was unintuitive/harder than what it should be. I'm not sure if it's the right place, please move this post as needed.

- First of all, the order of the objective is confusing. Usually, we read top to bottom, but here we need to read bottom to top most of the time.
- When you have to create your firsts green circuit, you can't (yet) handcraft the wire, witch are required to be able to create small electric pool. You should still have one left, but it can be an issue. Secondly, it's not at all obvious that you have to create a two-stage process (and you can't do it because you don't have enough green circuit to create a second assembly machine. Currently, the workaround is to build enough copper cable, then change the recipe to green circuit, and then manually feed the assembly machine with the copper cable. I suggest that we could have 3 extra green circuit (to be able to build the second assembly machine), and have in the objective list
  • create copper cable inside an assembly machine
  • create green circuit inside an assembly machine
That's all for the moment. And I would like to conclude by saying that the new campaign is otherwise absolutely awesome!


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