[0.17.39] Campaign Feedback

Suggestions relating to the Introduction and Campaign mode in Factorio
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[0.17.39] Campaign Feedback

Post by xhed » Wed May 15, 2019 2:10 pm

I enjoyed the campaign, but there are some issues I came across.

  • Compilatron is a nice addition to the game, but it would advance to the next part of the tutorial when I got close, while my intent was to build a structure to prepare for the next step. This was most noticeable after the completion of the campaign when I was in the progress in building my defenses on the right side of the (newly revealed) map. With no turrets or walls in place yet, I had no other option than to load the latest quicksave. That being ~10 minutes ago, I just quit.
  • In my first playthrough, I suddenly had to increase the output of my science modules, which I couldn't fit in my base without demolishing half of my production line. As there wasn't much science research, so I was short on science production. I would have preferred having to ramp up the science production earlier so that I'm not hastily rebuilding the factory while getting overrun with biters.
  • The campaign is quite combat heavy in my opinion, especially when the biters rapidly start increasing in numbers. The increase was so fast that I didn't have time to react to it during my first playthrough.
  • Not having undergrounds/splitters/long inserters gave me quite a challenge in designing the base. In the end, I fed the coal into my smelting arrays by filling a wooden chest with coal and placing it on the belt using an inserter. Logistics & inserters are usually the first things to unlock in freeplay, but they aren't even present in the current campaign (other than yellow inserters).
  • Why can I craft an assembly machine by hand, but not iron gears, copper wire or green circuits?
  • The crafting menu is a bit of a mess in the campaign, I'd prefer to have it split up a bit. Separate rows (like in Freeplay) would already help to separate production/intermediate/combat.
  • When adding an item to the quickbar by clicking a slot on the quickbar, the selection window shows a lot of items the player hasn't unlocked (and won't be able to unlock during the campaign), cluttering up the view and making what I want hard to find.
  • The milestone tasks to complete are written bottom-up, which was confusing for a bit.

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