[0.18.29] Confusing message under disabled achievements in tutorial

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[0.18.29] Confusing message under disabled achievements in tutorial

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During the tutorial levels, if you click on the 'Achievements' tab under the minimap, it shows the list of achievements, but they are all disabled as expected. The explanation for them being disabled is currently "A console command was used. The achievement can't be unlocked in this game anymore.". Whilst this is technically correct, I think that a new player (that hasn't actually ran any commands themselves) who has just stumbled across this might appreciate a better message such as "Achievements cannot be unlocked during the tutorial." to avoid confusion.

I've attached a screenshot of the message from ingame.

I understand that the devs have started a locale lock meaning that no new strings can be added to the game before v1.0, so I'm not expecting much to come of this minor issue, but I thought that I had better report my feedback anyway.

Edit: in retrospective, this should probably go in "Ideas and Suggestions".
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