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FTweaks - Changes, small and large

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:51 pm
by Reika
Mod Info:
I have often felt it odd that both nuclear power and the rocket silo, despite ostensibly being endgame production and goals respectively, were quite easily obtainable long before that point. I have also often encountered something in the game that felt like it did not make rational sense, like a helicopter being slower than a coal-powered train, or a big bubbly spawner being impervious to shockwaves. Or something which made sense but went contrary to good gameplay, such as having to throw away old armor sets because they provided no value towards creating better tiers. Or just minor quality of life things like being able to walk through a forest, or fast-replace power poles, bigger stack sizes, or some fluid colors.

FTweaks does all of that and more. The larger changes - such as dramatic increases in required infrastructure/research for nuclear power and rocket silos - are configurable, while small changes (like fireproof construction robots, or a couple unique machine sounds, like for the steam turbine) are included automatically.

Has integration with several mods, including the BobMod suite, Helicopters, Nuclear Fuel, Loaders, and BigBrother.
The more-difficult nuclear power tree:

The increase in rocket silo complexity:
Without BobMods:

With BobMods and integration: