[0.17] LTN stops creating deliveries when new station added

Adds new train stops forming a highly configurable logistic network.

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[0.17] LTN stops creating deliveries when new station added

Post by NCTechnoHermit » Tue Jul 16, 2019 1:26 pm

Hi all,

I have a large v0.17 base with LTN configured and running for many hours. I'm seeing a problem however with LTN no longer scheduling deliveries when I connect a new station. Some background:

I have 3 copper plate provider locations: 1 with 1 station, 1 with 2 stations and 1 with 3 stations. All my trains to this point are 1-4. They've all been working perfectly thus far.

WAAAAY south of the center of my base I found 3 very large copper ore fields in close proximity to each other so I built a massive smelting operation nearby complete with several storage warehouses (via the warehousing mod). I added 2 train stop that I named "Copper Plate Bulk Provider Southwest" 1 & 2. My plan was to use 2-8 trains to deliver from there to a "distribution point" much closer to the main base so that my 1-4 trains didn't have to spend so much time in transit themselves.

Now, for the problem: Every time I connect the red wire to the lamp on either of the 2-8 stations, LTN completely stops sending requests for copper plates across the entire network (see screenshot with-bulk-stations-connected) and as soon as I remove both those red wires, deliveries of copper plate instantly resume (see without-bulk-stations-connected).

I've tried segmenting the bulk stations onto their own network, removing the provide and request threshold signals and a few other things that slip my mind now, but I just can't crack what's going on.

Anyone have any insight on why this might be happening or suggestions on things I can try to resolve this?

Thank you all!
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